Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Election day post from myspace

The fate of our country will be decided in about 24 hours. It has come down to the wire and I don't know who to vote for. What are the good things about each candidate? I can't base my vote on negative energy and frustration. I hope we can get back to voting because the person is an asset. I want to hear what they can do. I hope we all make a decision due to the candidates issues. I don't want to base it on the mudslinging.

This was my post on November 1st 4 years ago regarding the election. This years mudslinging was some of the worst I have seen in the past 8 years of presidential elections. There are accusations, negative adds, and talk. I am so ready for it to be over because I have had enough listening to people bad mouth. I fear for our country because if the person I don't want to win makes it in we are in trouble. For my own sake I am keeping my vote quiet and not publishing who I am going for. If anyone wants to know they can ask. But to save negative comments and feedback I would just rather keep it close to me. The talk of politics has frustrated me to the point where I have wanted to scream. People have a right to their opinion and beliefs. However before we start criticizing each other on our choice, make sure we get the facts. Don't base your opinion on media or hearsay. I have noticed that this election particularly has been based on those two things. The media wants to put a negative spin on one candidate. Hearsay comes from people pulling stuff out of thin air just to make the candidate look bad so maybe someone would actually listen and believe everything they hear.

A few of you know where I stand. Some of you know I am not much for politics. What really bothers me is when the presidential race is brought up at a 3 year old's birthday party! I was getting frustrated because I thought it was not the time or the place.

My husband and I have similar views on who should run the country. If you ask him he has no problem telling you. Sometimes he is so animated on the subject he will get off on a tangent. You have to pull him back because this election has gotten to him really bad. Oh yeah I am not revealing who he is voting for either. You can ask him yourself. I won't stand for any rude remarks on our choice of candidate. So I give the same respect to those who vote for someone that I don't agree with. Ricky is not that nice. He doesn't mind sharing his opinion. Everyone has a right to how they feel but this election has stressed me out to the point that I keep my mouth shut when it comes to opposing views. Not because I am afraid of what people think, its because I don't want to hear it. I don't want a laundry list of why my choice sucks. I sure don't want you trying to talk me out of my choice. That will just make me even more mad.

The election is coming up. This time I know who I am voting for and I can't wait until its over. The negative feedback and mudslinging is enough for me to pull my hair out. May the best candidate win.