Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So much frustration

I changed the mission statement on my page. I did not feel like I was doing it justice. I have have done a poor job of spreading the Good News. Over the past 2 years since I have started this I have been struggling with depression. So my posts have not been as encouraging as I would have liked. However the blog is a look into the life of a Christian who has struggles and challenges.

I found out some news that has angered me. My mother in law will be going on short term disability for 3 months. Also its a possibility that she may be on disability permanently. This news bothers me for a few reasons. One because once she is no longer working she will constantly borrow money from Ricky and I. We will never be able to get our own lives because we will feel some type of obligation to help her. Also she will want to either have us move in with her or guilt us into having her stay with us. Then there is the clingy behavior that I have had to battle with over the years. She refuses to let go of Ricky and wants to jeopardize his chances of building a relationship with his dad. I also find it quite odd that she is going out on leave right after we got the news we were staying in Texas. I am praying that I can look at the situation in a positive light. It is not easy.

I am still battling with depression. I keep eating like its my last meal. I sleep so late its not funny. The worst part is I can sleep 10 hours and feel like I haven't slept at all. It is scary. I feel like crying sometimes.

I found out some news regarding our health insurance that concerns me. We will be switching over to a new carrier January 1st. The insurance carrier is in a dispute with one of the local hospitals here. If they do not resolve their differences we will have to start looking for new doctors. I really hope that is not the case. We have great physicians who care about us and have treated us so well over the years. I don't want to have to establish a history with a new doctor if it is not necessary. I know I should be grateful I even have insurance. But what good is it if I am not getting the care I am paying for and should be expecting?

I need prayer in the worst way or I will spend the rest of this blog complaining. Please pray.

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