Monday, September 8, 2008

My mother, work, and more

The last couple of weeks have been very challenging. The Lord is working through this because He keeps giving me these things to work out. Sometimes I want to say "Okay I get Your point. Please give me a breather." But its okay because I am growing stronger.

We started working our new shifts on August 30th. Its different. I work a 4 by 10 shift with Saturday, Monday and Tuesday off. I am trying to find a way to fit worship in my schedule because I am working Sundays. It is a challenge but Ricky and I decided to go start going to a Saturday night service. We have not gone yet but I am anticipating a new start with our relationship with God. The Saturday services may even be fun and we may make new friends.

I am happy to report that Maria and Paul have a new place. They found a one bedroom apartment that is affordable. The Lord said "I have not forsaken you" to them by providing moving trucks, a day off and a rent that can be paid during hard times. Maria and Paul had their struggles and doubts but the Lord can handle it and show us the He loves us even when we as humans aren't so sure.

Ricky is staying with Rob and Sarah this week. This may help his depression and give him purpose. Rob and Ricky have become really close. Neither of them have their close friends near by. So I know the Lord has a plan with this.

Last week I got a call from Rhonda telling me that my mother was in ICU. I took this news with mixed feelings. We had been estranged until a few years ago. I carry a guilt because I did not make a strong effort to go see her. I have some unresolved issues with my three eldest sisters that keep me from coming to East Texas much. If you remember there was some fun drama the last time I was there. Its happening again. It serves as a reminder as to why I do not visit. I hate it because I want to have a relationship with them but it has to be separate. No one can get along. It is sad to watch. Now my mother is on life support and it is so hard to take in. Seeing her at the hospital was way too much to take. I have not been well. I have just kept silent most of the time.

The Lord has been working so well with this though. I was struggling with trying to get off work. I had already Saturday,Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off. I was fighting to get Sunday because I wanted consecutive days to see Mom. I kept negotiating with my boss because he first said I could only get Sunday off if I traded with someone. Problem with that was that I already tried and no one could swap. So I was so upset and I cried at work. I called Rob Rion and told him what was going on with Mom. He said he would pray for me at 7:30. Well 3 hours went by before I heard my request on the air. I was getting upset and about to call but at 1030 I finally heard my request. While Rob was praying and he said "Please find a way for Candice to get the time off to see her mom" . I started crying because I knew he would not let me down. I wanted to raise my hands in praise. Also it gets better. I had not talked to Jeff Day in awhile so I called to say hi. Guess who answered? Our very own KCBI friend Scott Broyles picked up the phone. He said "I was going to text you." I was momentarily confused because I thought it was Jeff at first. Then he said " This is Candice right?" "Yeah it is!" I said. He said " Yeah I heard Rob praying for you as I was driving in to work." I told him that I was surprised to hear from him. He asked if I was listening. I said I took a gamble when I called. So the Lord wanted Scott to hear Rob pray. The next morning I found out that I got coverage for Sunday without trading. I was awed and humbled by the Lord's grace in this situation.

We are supposed to find out what care mom is going to get. I hope we can figure this out without fighting. This needs lots of prayer. More updates will come soon.

Heavenly Father,
I ask for Your grace and presence during this difficult time. Please pour Your love on my sisters and ask that we all get along during the darkest hours. I also am awed and thankful for Your provision to allow us to get the time off work and for Alicia's flight. I also want to pray for Scott and Sarah's unborn child. I pray for a safe pregnancy. Lord I thank You for all You provided even when we do not deserve. Thank You for Your Son Jesus for it is in His name we pray,


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