Monday, November 24, 2008

Post election frustration

When it was announced that Barack Obama was going to be the new president, many reactions happened throughout the country. At work people were cheering and hugging each other, at home a different story. I was home when I heard the news. I was dissapointed. Not because I think horribly of Obama but because naturally McCain lost and I was a supporter. Now I understand that Obama is our president-elect and I pray that the Lord will guide him on how to lead the country.

However I am very unhappy with the way people have been acting when they found out Obama won. There has been hate bulletins on myspace proclaiming that McCain supporters are jerks. I have also witnessed gloating attitudes at my place of business. I feel like that this election has caused a war on who's better and has generated an "in your face" attitude from some people. Also when someone has asked me who I voted for I get a laundry list of reasons why my choice sucks. I hate that nasty attitude I get. Then accusations about how much of a racist I am because I did not vote for Obama really hurts. I don't accuse someone of voting for Obama because they are racist. Why should I be attacked?

When I go to the polls I place my vote on whoever I feel could do the job. At that time I had faith in Senator McCain. He has served our country for 30 years in the military. He has had experience in the Senate. I DO NOT place my votes on skin color. Do you know why that is a fact? Because I wanted Condeleeza Rice or Colin Powell to be on the GOP ticket. They have done well for our country.

I am also tired of hearing President Bush getting slandered. Granted he made some mistakes but he kept our country protected from terrorists. He needs to be left alone. Quit blaming him because things arent just rosy. It seems that we want to blame others when we arent happy.

Another thing that has made me mad is why people dont vote. One excuse I heard was "I have trust issues". Yeah so do I. But I am casting a vote for someone to lead our country, not a husband. Trust is a hard thing for people to earn but when you use that as an excuse to be silent, that bothers me. Another excuse was "I shouldnt have to". Why do you say that? Then do not complain when things did not go your way!!!! Also if you voted then maybe the person YOU wanted would be in office!

President-elect Obama has a tough job. I will not be like those that slandered Bush. I will pray for guidance and protection for our country. I will also hope that maybe his heart will be changed on a few issues that he supports that I don't agree with.

I pray that our country will be lead in the right direction. The Lord only knows whats in store for us.

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