Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The most exciting day in American History???

Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the US. Many were excited about this event. He is the first African American president. He got ridiculous media coverage today. I felt he was being over hyped. It is a good thing when a country can get past bigotry and vote someone in regardless of color of skin. But I feel like this election Obama was voted because he was an African American. I feel he was voted in to prove a point. That is almost never a good reason to vote someone in. In my personal opinion had he been a white person with the EXACT same agenda he would not have received as much media hype or votes. This election was based on color of skin any way you look at it. Many people I know are pro-life but they voted for Obama because of the idea of a different colored person in Washington. I only know a few people who elaborated on why Obama got their vote. One friend gave me educated reasons why he voted for Obama. The issue of race never came up. We may disagree but I respect him for looking at the issues. But everyone else was so worried about getting an African American in office they put aside their own principles. Again I am not racist but I did NOT vote for him. I wanted to so bad because I am one person who said a few years back about how nice to see a black man in office. When I first saw Obama on Oprah 2 years back I was excited! I thought we had our candidate for president! But doing more research and listening to his proposed ideas I got crushed. Because he does not represent someone I want in office and in good conscious I could not vote for him.

I did not watch the inauguration today. In a fit of bad unchristian attitude I thought if I did not watch it, then he would go away. Yes that is not a good thing to think of but I had dread just knowing that he was about to be sworn in. But the Lord has been with me and has gently reminded me to pray for our new president. I plan on doing that and trying to get away from the negative thoughts that keep churning. If I continue to think horrible of him then I am no better than those who criticized Bush. Does this mean I will keep quiet when Obama makes a decision that could potentially be dangerous? No but I will try to disagree respectfully and not stoop to the level of those who brutally slandered Bush. Also when something goes wrong I vow not to automatically blame Obama.

I am going to miss George W. Bush in office. We have seen war and economy declines. But I will not pacify people and say he was horrible. He did some things I did not agree with but he protected our country. He made sure we did not get attacked. He made decisions that were unpopular but ultimately kept us from a second terrorist attack. Our military knew that Bush was on their side. He valued the sanctity of life and protected many babies from being aborted. He was not a perfect candidate but will always have my respect and admiration. I will pray for his transition to civilian life with Laura. Ricky and I will miss him in office.

President Obama has stepped into the role of commander in chief. I will pray that his heart will be changed on some issues and that he will protect the country the way we deserve. I will also remember that Our Lord and Savior is in control. That is where my faith will ultimately lie. May he have the Lords hand in all decisions that he makes.

Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your perfect Will. Please be with President Obama and work on his heart to preserve the sanctity of life. Its in the name of Christ I pray,


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