Sunday, March 1, 2009

Its been awhile...

Ricky and I joined First Baptist Dallas and wanted to follow in believers baptism. We scheduled it for January 25th. We chose Walter Guillaume to officiate. He has been a major force in getting us to join First Dallas. He was one of the main contacts that was making sure we were okay and was so good to us. We were excepting to be baptized on January 25th. However Rickys grandmother passed away that day. We had gotten the call right after our First Step class that she was not doing well. Ricky and I were debating whether to cancel our baptism. Ricky wanted to go through with it but his mom kept telling us we needed to cancel it. Ricky said "Granny would want me to go through with it" She kept saying we needed to go and that we were being selfish if we did not leave. I have prayed for my mother in law but it seems that she wants to cause conflict no matter what. My relationship with her is not the best right now. But that's okay because we rescheduled the baptism.

February 22nd Ricky and I were baptized. It was a wonderful experience. It was quite funny too because when Ricky was dunked he ended up ruining Walters microphone. Plus Walter is about 5'11 and Ricky is 6'7. If you saw the video you would see a short man try to wrestle a giant. Not really but Walters amazing strength earned him the nice name "Little Dipper". Plus I got a chance to meet Doran Bugg the music minister for First Dallas. He was so friendly and open. We talked for a few minutes. One of my favorite parts of the church service is when Doran leads us in worship. His voice is awesome and you can tell he loves his job. Not to mention after the service we had just about everyone coming up to congratulate us.

Now for some great news....Meri got saved and will be baptized!!!! I am so proud of her! She did this tonight! She accepted the good news! This was prayer that finally got answered. Thank you LORD! We are looking into ways for her to get the kids back as well. She wants to do better in life. She understands it wont be a cake walk but with God walking beside her she will be fine. The Lord is awesome and has blessed all of us.

Thank you Lord for being there for us during our tough times. Thank you for Dr. Jeffress, Reverend Guillaume and Dr. Bugg for them being Your faithful servants. I am so glad Meri knows You. In Jesus Name,


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