Monday, March 16, 2009

Job does not equal spiritual feeding.

I am very frustrated right now. Maybe I should just deal with what is bothering me by saying that others have it worse. That is true but it does not make me feel any better. It just makes me madder and want to spit.

I am having issues at my job. I work every Sunday and miss church. First Baptist Dallas has many services but every single one of them is within the time frame that I am working. FBD broadcasts their sermons on the radio but its not the same. I don't get to attend Sunday school at all. I am lucky if I can take a couple hours off to make the evening service. I do not have much vacation time to take the day off. Another option is to do a day trade but no one else wants to work on Sunday. My coworkers are quite happy not coming in on a weekend day. So I have to get creative and take a couple hours off here and there and make them off on a day off. Its frustrating. I have mentioned this to my boss and his response is "this is what you get for being last on the list for the shift bid". Well thank you very much for pointing that out. Does he honestly think that was supposed to help? Not to mention that condescending tone of "Cant you just find a Saturday service?" Well yes and no. Yes I could because there are a few churches that offer that option. But the Lord called Ricky and I to serve and attend First Baptist Dallas. This means honoring it with our tithes, attendance, and service. I can only provide the first thing. I am unable to attend most of the time and getting involved in ministry is out of the question. So no I cant just go to a Saturday service just for a feel good time. Oh and then getting snapped at by a coworker for mentioning that our job could save money by closing on Sundays was the tip of the iceberg. No reason to snap! I just made a suggestion! The coworker said I need to just deal with it. So I am dealing with it. But I wont be giving up this fight. Its not happening. I am glad for my job but if the Lord calls me somewhere else then there I will go. I will not let my current employment keep me from that. Sorry. It is not happening.

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