Sunday, June 21, 2009

An update

So its been a long while since I have posted something. So be prepared for a jumble of thoughts.

Meri has moved out of my place. It was bittersweet because I was hoping she would get a job and try to get ahead. I felt that the DFW area offered for opportunities instead of Sulphur Springs. However she felt that she needed to be there for her mom. The good news is that she has a job and is working on going back to school. As long as she keeps those goals in mind then it won't matter where she is if she stays focused. This is true for anyone who wants to succeed. Of course there are times that the place you are in does not allow for such opportunities but instead of letting that be an excuse to be limbo, take baby steps to move on. Meri is doing that by working and obtaining her ID. She will be taking classes within the next year.

Ricky and I are doing somewhat better with our finances. Part of it is that I have been working 20-30 hours of overtime each paycheck due to 3 people on my team being out. I have been able to pay the rent on time the past 3 months so that has been a blessing. Ricky will be searching for a job once he gets back from Kentucky where he has been visiting his family for the last month. I am learning to be patient with him but not tolerant of laziness. If I approach my concerns in a loving but firm way we are more likely to get somewhere. He said he wanted to look for employment once he comes back because he knew how hard I have been working.

I had been under so much stress the past few months due to the limited income and job issues. Regardless I have gotten through them just fine without any major damage to goods. :) Working those OT hours was almost not worth it because I wanted time off and I could not get it. There were days I was on the verge of breaking down, days I wanted to cry. There were times at work where I would just stare at my computer for an hour because I had no idea what to do. The Lord was able to carry me through this.

I had events that made me think of family. I had to take care of my mother-in-law when she had surgery because her family decided to ditch her. All of Claudia's sisters were whining and complaining abut how it was an inconvenience to help her out. Also every time she needed something the sisters would always do that "Cant Candice Do it?" whine. It makes me sad that family see each other as burdens or just do not like each other. I have a similar situation. My older sister Rhonda for whatever reason does not like me. I hear about the attempts she makes to smear my name to my younger sister Alicia. The problem with her attempts is that they are thwarted every time by Alicia. She tells Rhonda she is not interested. I have no idea why Rhonda carries this burden. I pray for her every day and hope she and her family come to a saving knowledge in our Lord.

Work is just another stressful time. As mentioned before I had to work overtime due to some people being out. But I am really starting to resent my job in the worst way. Getting the Lords Day off to worship is too much to ask I guess. I have tried anything and everything and all of my attempts are being blocked. There is a rule for trades. I can take time off but then I need a reliable back up but normally those are not available. I also have a coworker who asks me to cover for him when he needs time off but he has not returned the favor at all. I feel like I could use some help. It pains me to be in a pew at worship on those rare Sundays. I never know when I will be back. I am also missing out on joining the choir. I don't want to complain because I know the job is good for providing during a tough economy. However I question myself if its worth it. My spiritual life is not getting fed. I read my Bible and listen to sermon archives but its not the same as being in communion with fellow believers and getting to share Christs love with others. You cant get that from listening to a sermon on the computer. Right now I am working on my resume and ways to polish it up so I can find the position God intends for me. I do not plan on being where I am for a long time.

I got to go to a family reunion over the weekend. That was fun being able to meet parts of the family I did not know I had. My second cousin who lives in San Diego invited Ricky and I down to his place. I hope we can do it. It was a great time to be able to see where I came from and what my roots were. I pray that another family reunion can happen again while some of our relatives are still with us.

This is just a snap shot of whats been going on. I plan to start writing regularly again. I have so much to share! The Lord has blessed me even during these tough times.

Heavenly Father Thank you for Your many blessings and love during a hard time. In Christ Name, AMEN.

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