Sunday, June 21, 2009

Celebrity and Priority

Have you ever thought of celebrities and why they are famous? What do they do to have them get the recognition they deserve? Are they talented singers? Do they act well? Or do they just have a ridiculous show exploiting their families? I have noticed people buying up the People, US Weekly, and In Touch magazines so they can gobble up the tidbits of information that seems fascinating. Some people actually seem to care that Britney Spears drove a Mercedes. Others are tsking over Lindsey Lohan's rehab stint. Jon and Kate's Goesslins marriage is falling apart on national TV. What do people find so wonderful or captivating about those tidbits? Its sad to see why people admire celebrities. It really is sad to see people idolize Madonna or Paris Hilton. I have no desire to meet any of these people. They have no impact on my life.

If someone were to ask me which "celebrity" I would want to meet the answer would surprise them. Its a question that will take some explanation. But lets list the mainstream answer first. Now for music I would love to meet Stephen Curtis Chapman or Mercy Me. They are great men of God and awesome musicians. Also I would like to meet Steve Perry from Journey. I always loved his voice and wondered what kind of person he would be. Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley, and Alan Jackson are on the list as well. But that is as mainstream as I can get. These are people that are well known and admired for their talents. It would be nice to meet them. However its not a life long goal. With the possible exception of Mercy Me I would not be totally psyched if these people mentioned were to come to town. I would try to get tickets but would not feel let down if it did not happen

I would really want to meet Dr. Albert Mohler, Dr. Hershael York, Dr. Russell Moore, Dr. Richard Land, and Dr. Os Hawkins. Who are these people? Why would a young woman want to meet a bunch of men with Dr. titles? These are men of God I have come to respect greatly. These are well known men in the Southern Baptist Convention. Remember a previous post where I said that Southern Baptist and me did not mix in the past? Well things change and I think for the better. These men have preached Gods word lovingly but boldly. They get the bad rep because they don't compromise what they believe in. They aren't photographed in a magazine or flashed on the tabloid channel. However these are the people I want to meet due to the message they bring in their words and actions.

I was browsing the Internet one day and decided to look at the chapel schedule for Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Since I work Sundays I would go to chapel services at the seminary during the school year. I was curious about the upcoming fall schedule and decided to see if it was posted. When I looked on it my first reaction was excitement. I am embarrassed to say that it was almost the equivalent of a young girl going to a Hannah Montana concert. No I did not scream but I did clap in delight and I was excited to share the news. The list had some of my heroes of the Christian faith on it! Dr Mohler, Dr Land, and Dr Hawkins will be preaching at SWBTS this coming semester. I am very excited because for me it would be an honor just to shake the hands of soldiers for Christ. I was reminiscing with my husband at how old I must be getting if I am getting excited about going to a chapel service instead of wanting to get tickets for the next concert in town. Ricky mentioned that I was not getting old but my priorities are different. It is quite a change to be anticipating a chapel service. I have not started marking the days with an X but i have been happy to know that these men will be here before we know it! I cant wait to tell Dr. Mohler just how much I appreciate his stance. I am looking forward to shaking hands with Dr. Hawkins and sharing a few thoughts with Dr. Land. I cannot wait and I know that I will be blessed by these upcoming events.

One thing you always have to do is be careful regarding anyone who is a celebrity. If you start to idolize them and lose focus of who really is in charge then you will set yourself up for disappointment. This always happens for any person in the limelight. People are willing to defend Britney Spears breakdown or excuse her behavior just because of her status. Its the same with Lindsey Lohan or Amy Winehouse. No one wants to realize that these people are not gods and we should not elevate them above God. This same rule goes for my heroes I have mentioned. Dr. Land was on Live from Criswell discussing a controversial viewpoint. He disagreed with the host Dr. Barry Creamer on that show and for whatever reason I was disappointed in him for not seeing Dr. Creamers view point. However I realized I was dangerously elevating him above God so I set myself up for that. This can happen with anyone regardless of whether they are well known or famous in your eyes only.

I have had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Mohler via phone on his radio program. He was always very polite and kind. I have also corresponded with Dr. York via twitter and Facebook. Dr. York is a very busy man but he took the time to respond to me! That's humbling when someone who could be doing many other things decides he will answer me or listen to what I have to say.

So would I call my heroes celebrities? Possibly because is a lot to "celebrate". However I don't have pictures of them on my walls or glossy magazines with trivial information. I have something better. I have the assurance of Gods Love. That's better than any movie star or celebrity. Dr. Mohler, Dr. Land, Dr. Hawkins, Dr. York, and Dr. Moore will be the first to say so. They are the representative of the One who needs to be celebrated the most. That is our Lord and Savior.

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