Friday, June 26, 2009

Sad news

Today Michael Jackson and Farrah Faucet passed away. As humans we feel that tug of sadness when we hear about someone who died. It does not matter if they are related or if they are someone in passing. I am grieving for these 2 because I don't know if they knew the Lord. I am at bothered by this because regardless of what anyone did or said or did not do I would not wish them eternal separation from our Lord. Some people have said that Michael Jackson deserved what he got because of his lifestyle. When it was announced that he passed away all I could think of was that I hope he knew Christ. I worry about someone who has denounced Gods grace. I am tormented by where they may end up. When the comedian George Carlin passed away my husband turned to me and said "We know where he is going". If you know anything about George Carlin you knew he was very vulgar and a proud atheist. He had no problem telling anyone that there was no God. So when he passed away I felt so sad knowing that he very well may be eternally separated. Unless he came to a saving knowledge of Christ right before he died then its inevitable where he is now. Christians today have done too much tongue clucking and pointing fingers instead of going out there and spreading the word. If there was one thing that motivated you it should be knowing that 3 cultural icons may have had it all but did not except the greatest gift of all. Material gain, status, and money is nothing when you do not have Christ. I pray for the Faucet and Jackson families today. I know its hard right now. Imagine if someone could have knowledge of knowing that someone you love will be in the arms of Jesus. Not knowing is torment and I pray we as Christians become better at presenting the Gospel. Its available to everyone regardless. I feel as Christians we have failed in being a witness to the lost. I pray that Farrah Faucett, George Carlin, Michael Jackson and any others that may have passed on knew Christ. Its a sobering thought to know where a person could end up by denying the Gospel.

Heavenly Father I pray for the families of Farrah Faucett and Michael Jackson as they are grieving during this time. I ask for Your assistance in us being better agents of Your word. I pray for anyone who does not know Christ and will hope that they come to a saving knowledge. I ask this humbly in the Name of Jesus.


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