Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lets talk Politics.

I am very concerned about the health care reform that our president wants to propose. Please don't misunderstand. We do need an overhaul in the system. There needs to be a way for people to get good treatment when they either lose their job or have insurance taken away. A solution needs to be constructed for the less fortunate. However with the new proposed legislation I fear it will have the opposite effect than what was intended. The plan proposed is a socialized health care system where no one has to pay. It sounds great on paper but there are risks associated with it. There are wait lists for major surgeries. Companies will be forced to pay higher prices for private health insurance. The sanctity of life will be compromised. Abortions are not excluded so there is room for that in the bill. Elderly will be given "decision counseling" which could potentially lead to euthanasia. There is a "Decisions" booklet out there given to veterans on their "choices". I have seen the book and it is atrocious to give this to someone. The message in that book points to "quality of life" If passed this new reform will suggest who is worth getting the new treatments. A price tag will be put on lives. Do we honestly want this to pass?

It makes me so mad that people do not want to see what is coming because they are still in the "honeymoon" phase of Obama's presidency. People were willing to criticize Bush for the war but are not willing to be objective when it comes to our current president. I am tired of people assuming its a right wing conspiracy to protect human life and morals. It gets old having to explain why I do not agree with our current administration's policy. It is quite sad to see people fall at Obama's feet like he is a rock star and are not willing to see past the historic event. I can be honest here and say that the fawning over him is nauseating. No one wants to open their eyes to the things going on. I am not willing to call Obama the anti-Christ. I am not making assumptions that he wants to destroy our country. However he is very misguided on how to run this country. Some of his decisions are questionable. He has a very distorted view of the sanctity of life. I pray that he will have a change of heart on his policies.

Today he spoke to the nation's youth with a speech on staying in school and hard work. This was not without controversy as it was delivered the day before the health care reform to be addressed. Many people refused to let their children see the speech because there was an assumption that he was going to speak about policy for influential reasons. Conservatives are getting the backlash for their outcry against this. I am in the middle when it comes to this. I do not oppose the president speaking to the country. However if many people were concerned enough to not let their children see the speech then there has to be a warning. I do not think that a group of people would cry wolf to something that was serious to their hearts. It also makes me sick that the race card was played into this controversy. It is ridiculous to even suggest that because of the turn out of the election. If more than half of the nation voted for him then race was not an issue. I have personally spoke with some coworkers and acquaintances that voted for him and were NOT African American. The issue was that the parents felt that the government's agenda was going to pushed on to the children. I wouldn't have forbade my children from watching the speech provided I could be there with them. For something like this I think a parent has every right to be involved.

I pray for our country. I hope that if a health care reform does get passed it will be one that recognizes the sanctity of life. God created all of us in His image. He did not put a price tag on us like priced goods. I also pray that Barack Obama will have a change of heart on his policies.

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