Saturday, December 28, 2013


We are still healing from Lonnie's death.  It has been tough but it gets easier each day.  Ricky and I are doing better.  There are moments we grieve but we are getting through it.  However I am concerned about Cheyenne.  She has worked herself into exhaustion causing 2 bouts of illness.  She doesn't take much time off.  I understand because she wants to keep her mind off of things.  But I worry because its not healthy working when you are sick.

Thanksgiving was nice.  Cheyenne hosted a nice dinner at her house.  It was quite comical because there were very few chairs and places to sit. But everyone had a wonderful time.  There was a ton of food and lots of laughs.  There were a few tears when speaking about Lonnie but we held it together for the most part. 

The holiday season has been busy.  Ricky and I were involved in a Christmas program with the church.  We were a part of a few holiday gatherings.  We exchanged gifts.  Ricky and I exchanged gifts.  He got me a flat griddle and a very nice set of knives.  I got him an Amazon gift card and a Sears card.  He worked really hard over the past 2 months to make sure we had a Christmas. I was worried about him because he had some health challenges but its getting better.

I am not in the habit of New Years resolutions.  However I do want to try to do some things better in 2014.  I have been dealing with some issues that need attention.  My health is not bad but it could be better.  I need to drop some weight.  My feet have been hurting like crazy and I know that the extra pounds are not helping.  I also need to get better regarding my relationship with God.  I get so angry and frustrated at Him.  I know that doesn't get me anywhere. 

I pray that with each passing day we can move forward to better things.

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