Saturday, November 16, 2013

I wish things were different.

I have been burdened with wanting to patch up a friendship ever since Lonnie's homegoing.  This friend and I have gone through so many trials and tribulations.  Due to me being an idiot I made so many mistakes with him.  I wish I could change the past.  We had been keeping in touch but then all the sudden he stopped talking to me.  There was no warning.  We had a ton of arguments in the past.  But this time around we went from trying to make plans to him not answering my calls.  Ricky and I both have tried to reach out to him but with no success. I do not know what I should do going forward.  So I have kept my distance and will continue to pray for him and his wife.  I am heartbroken that our friendship is over.  But I will accept it and move on.  I just wish I could talk to him and find out how he is doing.

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