Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today I celebrated two years of marriage with Ricky. We had our official anniversary trip last weekend in Galveston. We walked the sea wall, had dinner at sea food restaurants, saw the Titanic exhibit at Moody Gardens and took a ferry ride. We had a great time. We stayed in a cheap motel but it had a view of the gulf. We found some seashells and took a drive on the peninsula. Galveston is not like the Caribbean but it is a very nice place for a vacation. Its just 4 1/2 hours down IH 45. Waking up to ocean waves is awesome! I would love to move to the ocean but we fear hurricanes. Maybe we will end up in a waterfront town some day. We will see where God takes us.

Some other things have happened as well that made me realize God knows what he is doing. To get a little background, as I mentioned I work at Sprint. The center I work at has a low morale due to the various stressful jobs. I have been seeking comfort in knowing that there are fellow Christians in the workplace that will take time to sit and pray with me. Noah, Travis, Rose, and Sean have been my spiritual friends at work. Its been a blessing to talk to any one of them to rejoice Gods love. However recently, the company has been frowning upon many things that make the job bearable. There was an HR meeting that outlined the "proper" behaviors of how a company runs. In this meeting they covered many topics that I find quite ridiculous. For example if you ask someone how they were doing, that could be considered prying into private lives. Or if you give someone a hug, you are liable for sexual harassment. Also don't you dare think about sending a smiley face over IM. Someone might get offended. No personal conversations. You must be focused at all times. Oh yeah, no praying please or saying Have a blessed day. Someone might go to HR and say you are forcing your beliefs on them. Please don't have personal conversations at work. It might be distracting. All of these previous demands that are being taught in businesses are ridiculous! I certainly understand that you are at work to perform a job. I know that we need to keep a level of professionalism as well. However I feel like our rights to be who we are have been infringed on.

With all of this being said, this brings me to the past few weeks of events that reflect some of this . Noah and I have been friends for awhile. We joke around and share personal information. But those stupid pesky rules reared their ugly head first with a coworker commenting on what I say to Noah. Then his manager pulled him into the office and scolded him about me talking at his desk. The problem I have with that is, If I caused the problem, why didn't you address me? Corporate America plays this telephone game where they tell manager 1, ,manager 2, manager 3, specialist 6 and finally you. So I had no idea I was causing any type of problem until Noah brought it to my attention. It put a damper on our friendship and we don't pray any more together or talk much. It is kind of sad. However there are some changes being made to my job structure. I will be sitting in a different part of the building and working with people who I usually don't work with. I started this transition yesterday. It was weird not being in the same room with Noah, Rose, Sean, and Travis. Change is an adjustment so I was having a hard time with it. God knew what He was doing though because He used me today to comfort a friend on the other side of the building. Jason came to work glum. I told him if he needed someone to pray with him, I will be glad too and that we could go outside. He surprised me and said "lets go now!" So I said a prayer for him and he felt better. God wanted me to be a prayer warrior like Noah was for me. The Lord used Noah to help me impact people just the way he was with my husband and I. So all is not lost because Noah was put in my life to help me along the way. So I am optimistic that things are looking up. Noah and I will be friends again some day. As for prayer partners, God wants me to move on and help those just like Noah served me. Praise God for pointing this out!

Every day I experience the smallest things that tell me that God has it and not to worry. I will close with a prayer.

Heavenly Father we praise you for everything you given us. I thank You for bringing Noah to our lives during hard times. Thank You for giving me the opportunity to be a prayer partner to Jason. I ask for continued blessings on our marriage and thank you for touching Ricky's heart. I ask these in the name of Jesus


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