Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Something Awesome happened!!

I was opposed Listening to Christian music in the past. I thought the music was cheesy and that DJs on a Christian station made me feel inadequate. Recently I started listening to KCBI that is based out of Dallas. It is listener supported meaning it only survives on donations from people and some businesses. I started loving the station because the DJs were awesome and the music was great. The DJs also pray on the air every hour for military and various people. The website allows you to send prayer requests in. (trust me there is a point to this!:-) ) I listen to the afternoon show with DJ Rob Rion. He had just announced that if we wanted to request a song, please call it in. I called in and made a request for Salvador's Aware. Its a powerful song and it says volumes of who God is. Rob is a very nice DJ and he took 3 minutes talking to me and wished me a good day and played my song. Right after the song was over, he recited a verse from Psalms. Here is the problem. I have no idea which chapter it is. I have racked my brain, flipped through the book of Psalms, asked my husband.....No luck so far. I tried to send Rob Rion an email but there was not one available at the station website. Well after listening to the radio, I said "Fine I will just call him and ask!" Well that plan did not go the way I wanted only because it had been a week and of course so much has happened since last Thursday. All was not lost though because Rob took time to talk to me, ask me how I was and so on. We had a very nice chat that lasted 8 minutes. In the world of a DJ that is a long time. He was humble and even told me if I hear him say it again, call immediately. He was cordial and really a sweetheart. It made me confident that God is using these people in a positive way. I could go on and on about the morning show people but I will save that for another day. The Lord has blessed us. Even when things aren't going the way I want them, He sends me something to keep my chin up. It could be simple as my friend bringing me a cookie or having Rob Rion take time out of his day to talk to me. It was awesome. Its not a big deal but these small seeds are important in our walk with God. You can never forget who He is.

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