Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today was odd

Today was strange to say the least. It wasn't bad but some incidents happened.

It started out well with me working on the other side of the building. I am getting to know Carmen, James, and Jason well. Its actually quite nice to get to know different people. We are on the same team but I did not talk to them much because I was in a different room with Rose and Bertha. Jason and I are developing a friendship. He is a brother in Christ so its so cool to be able to have another friend to talk to about Jesus. On that subject, Noah and I are communicating again. He even prayed over the phone for me. It was nice. The Lord had His reasons for Matthews (the boss) business decision.

When I got home today, I talked to my sister Alicia. She had mentioned that another sister (Rhonda) of ours had called. Alicia called Rhonda back and delivered some bad news. My grandfather had passed away. My reaction has been weird because I did not see him much but when I did he was so good to Alicia and I. I do have fond memories of him . Part of me was reluctant to go because every time our family gets together something blows up. Its sad and I hate it. I will elaborate more about that another time. The other part of my reaction was that I was freaking out. I was racking my brain trying to figure what to do about my job. I did not want to ask Matthew for bereavement time especially during the weekend of a major project I was supposed to be on. Also on Saturday coverage was slim so I had decided not going to the funeral. I did not want to ask for time off. Ricky encouraged me to do so and not to worry about work. I feel guilty for worrying about work and not crying as most people would. So I called Matthew and got his voicemail. I left an urgent message. 2 minutes later he texted back and ask if he could help me by text messaging. Well considering it was finals night for him at school, that was my only option. So I told him the news and about skipping the funeral. He made arrangements for me to be off and offered his condolences. Then I called Noah and he said his prayer over the phone. After that I drove up to Sprint and Jason prayed with me as well. If you are wondering why my own husband does not pray with me, its because it makes him uncomfortable. we are working on that. God knows what he is doing.

Between the time I found out about the news and going to Sprint, some strange incidents happened. We had decided to take a drive just to get out of the house. We ended up at a railroad crossing and witnessed a police chase. The scary part was that the railroad arms were down and the truck that was being chased zoomed through the crossing and broke one of the arms! If we had been in the right lane, we would have been rear ended really bad. So after we left that area, we ended up witnessing a police car almost rear ending someone. Between all of this I had been calling Erica, texting Matt, and making arrangements we saw an unmarked police car speeding as well. Ricky finally said we are going home and staying in where it is safe!

So I will be attending a funeral and not coming back to work until Thursday. That is going to drive me nuts. If I want that much time off from work, I would have rather taken a vacation. However God is with all of us. Its not just a trite phrase. Its the truth. I know His will is being done. The great thing about Him is that He is big enough to handle our grief and anger but will be there on the other side to comfort us.

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