Saturday, June 7, 2008


This past week has been eventful. I went to my grandfathers funeral. Actually we were late because Erica's mother in law was taking the long way around Longview. We were 20 minutes late and missed most of the service. That really bothered me. But that was nothing compared to 2 days later.

Ricky and I went to First United Methodist Church in Longview while we were in East Texas. We try to continue going to church services even when we are out of town. With the stress Gods word was really comforting. I found it awesome that my niece Haley wanted to come with us as well. She fidgeted throughout the service. Understandable because the church she goes to is much more informal than what First Methodist provided

The visit was not too bad with my sisters but there is always something that happens that usually puts me in a funk. My mother had surgery on Tuesday. It did not go well because the tumor could not be removed. That news from the doctor was sad enough. It did not help matters that Rhonda called and she was upset about Erica and Kathy. It seems like all of us sisters can never get a long; Its depressing! Well Erica, Kathy and I ended up yelling at each other and saying things we regret in the hospital. That just breaks my heart so bad. Rhonda and Erica exchanged words over the phone as well. I keep praying we can be healed as a family. We have been broken for way too long.

Some great things have happened though. I have been the only one working while Ricky has been out. It seems like God has provided time and time again. We keep getting checks out of nowhere. They seem to come at a time when we are about to be broke and not buy food. It has been a major blessing! Ricky and I have not been active in our walk with God before he got ill so all of this has humbled us. We can never say God has forsaken us. It made me angry I couldn't show Ricky Gods grace. Of course you know our Lord. He has other plans. He said "Leave it to Me".

Ricky has been witnessing on Guild Wars a lot! He is probably one of the best witnesses out there. I could be biased but I feel like its true. :) He is not condemning and he explains Gods love in a way that makes a person want to come to Christ. Most people who witness speak of hellfire and brimstone. The way I was witnessed to spoke of Jesus being my friend. So I am blessed to know that Ricky is making a difference in the lives of others. We just need prayers where we can pray together. He still is scared to do so but I am giving it time.

When I got back to work, I got a sympathy card from my coworkers. It made me laugh because my coworkers from Minnesota and Wisconsin sent Rose a personalized thought for the card. So Rose wrote for Judi. It was cute. I sent a thank you note to the team. Some of them I don't get a long with as well as others but no one is bad.

I had another encounter with Rob Rion last night. He was quoting another scripture on KCBI and I called him to get it right away. I learned my lesson not to wait a week! :) He was just as nice as he was last time and told me he has not forgotten about my first scripture I asked for. That humbled me. We talked again and he was just as cool as the first time. I told him that I am wanting to study the Bible better every time he quotes Scripture. KCBI is such an awesome ministry. They are using a powerful resource: Media. Media has been used as evil for so long, its refreshing to have a station that plays great music and has good teachings. The Lord provided this station to DFW for 33 years. I don't think they are going anywhere.

So with so many things going on in our lives, one thing has remained. God is the same today, tomorrow and always. We are blessed.

Thank you Lord for your many provisions and blessings. We are humbled by your unending grace. Continue to be with us during our journey to minister to others and be with those who need your healing touch. We ask this in Jesus Name


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