Friday, June 27, 2008

Its the weekend....Finally

Well I took two days off to make a 4 day weekend. We are still broke and poor but I feel like with Gods presence we will get better. Ricky had a CAT scan today. If the doctor does not find anything he will start testing on Ricky extensively. If Doctor Bass does not find anything I will suggest a second opinion. Its time to get out of this limbo. I don't think the doctors get it. They just say "eat right and don't drink soda" He could eat salads all day and still have abdomen pain. It is getting frustrating. Prayer has been constant. I have not lost faith but I get discouraged at times. The great thing about God is that He can handle our anger and discouragement. He understands. He wants us to trust in Him but He knows our thoughts and feelings. I pray for some answers to Ricky's ailment.

I had an interesting email today. I sent a prayer request for Paul and Maria to KCBI and someone actually responded back. That's abnormal because usually the station reads them over the air. It was very uplifting. They said "we will be praying for Paul and Maria! Tell them they are not alone! God is STILL ABLE!" I am not kidding. Isn't that awesome? I love KCBI. Its an awesome station. Rob Rion is so cool when I request a song. Plus he still ends up with my requests. That is God's hand.

More to come soon! God Bless!

Heavenly Father we just thank You for all of Your blessings! We are humbled and awed by what You do for us. We thank you in the name of Jesus,


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