Thursday, June 12, 2008

Frustrating week

My week was not as bad as the last one. Its been stressful. At work I was assigned to do one job and I ended up doing 3. I feel like I am failing my boss and I hate that. He has not said anything but I get paranoid easily. Paranoia is something I am trying to work on. I have always been a worrywart so anything goes.

Ricky has not been feeling well. His condition puts him in constant limbo. The doctors have not found anything. Constant prayer from all of our friends and family has kept us going.

When we get more information we will update on Ricky's ministry. Right now we have left in the Lords hands. He has not directed us on where He wants us but we want to live according to His will.

I feel like part of the reason Ricky and I are not where we need to be is because we have been turning our back on what God wants us to do. We have a hard time budgeting because we let our material impulses guide us. My friend Jason pointed out that most people are living to get a temporary satisfaction. He had pointed out if we were just to live how God wants us to be we would be fulfilled all the time. People do not like what God delivers because its not always easy. He is not a genie who grants 3 wishes. Rather He is the One who can bring us eternal life. Even when my problems have gotten to a point where I wanted to throw in the towel, I remember His mercy and grace.

Heavenly Father, forgive us for falling short of You. We are humbled by your mercy and grace. We continue to thank you for your provisions and blessings. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

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