Friday, July 4, 2008

Our freedom

Today is July 4th. Of course its an important day for the U.S. Many people will be out grilling, camping, swimming and any other out door activity you can think of. Ricky and I are going to spend it with my dad and his friend. We wanted to visit Sarah but finances did not allow. We did observe Independence Day a week early. Last week we went to a church service that honored our veterans. It was very moving. We got to hear a testimony from a guy who was in the Desert Storm and Bosnia conflicts. There was a museum with momentos from different veterans. I normally would not even think to go to a service of this nature. However we were invited. That leads to the next amazing thing.

I finally found the Bible Verses that Rob Rion read over the air. I was so excited that I called the station and told him. Rob said he would mark it in his Bible as the Candice verse. We had been talking because I would call in to request a song and he would remember me and carry on a conversation. This time he asked what I was doing over the weekend and I told him that we weren't doing much of anything. He invited Ricky and I to his church for the service previously mentioned. I was so happy! I said we will be there. Before the service started I introduced myself to him and held my hand out to shake. He said "No let me give you a hug!" After the service was over I brought Ricky to him and us 3 had a nice talk. Rob was very nice and courteous. I am not sure what God meant for this meeting but in time He will answer. Ricky and I were pleased but baffled when we were invited. That was a moment I will never forget.

Ricky's Cat scan came back with a high liver count and imflamation. He is supposed to take an antibiotic for 2 weeks. If it does not fix anything then he may be operated on. I pray he can be healed. He wants to get out of this limbo. We know God has his reasons for this. Some positive things have came out of this. Ricky and I have grown closer to God. That in itself is a great thing. We have faith that something will work out for Rickys health.

Work has been stressful of course. I think part of it is that I am too hard on myself. The other part is that my boss intimidates me. I feel like the step child on our team. It makes me sad. Plus I had exchanged words with a couple of team members. Ugly things were said to me. I am letting it go but being careful. I just want to be treated with respect and not be talked to like I am 2. Is that too much to ask? I pray for my team members.

Well today is a good day. We have these wonderful freedoms. I am blessed to be able to spread the word of God and not be thrown in jail for it. I want to shout in victory for Jesus and His great gift. Also our military deserves prayers and grattitude for fighting to keep our nation safe.

Heavenly Father, We thank You for our military and for what they do for our country. We pray for their salvation if they do not know You. We are also thankful for our friends who our there for us. Continue to bless Rob Rion and Jeff Day in the work they do. Also touch Ricky and heal him. Pour Your mercy on him Father. We thank you for Jesus who is the way, the truth and the life. Its in His holy name we pray


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