Sunday, July 6, 2008

Something fun!

I want to do a light hearted post for once. So today I am reviewing a restaurant. Ricky and I took a drive after church today. We always do that. Probably not the best thing to do during this time but we love to explore the country. Taking drives are some of our best past times. We talk the most on these. When we are out and about we seem to stumble on interesting places to eat. Today we ended up in Cleburne and decided to get a small bite to eat. We stopped at a little barbecue joint called Buffalo Creek. This place is not for people who expect upscale service. This was bare bones at its finest. you walk up to the counter to order your food and a tattooed woman with the personality of a grizzly bear takes your order and prepares it at the same time. Then you take your food to the table. The food was awesome. I ordered a chopped barbecue sandwich. Was it huge! I could not finish it. Ricky ordered a two meat plate of turkey and ham. I sampled his plate. Ricky was still hungry so he got a ham sandwich. It seems that barbecue is the only thing that won't hurt Ricky's stomach so if we are out and about and have the extra money we will try a new place. Two other places to name drop are Sammie's and Angelo's. Both places are in Fort Worth. I wish I could be like that guy on Food Network that gets paid to do this! :) Trust me Ricky and I have eaten out a lot. We know how to find the best places. We even can tell you where not to go. Especially the time we went to a Chinese buffet and there were McDonald's Chicken Nuggets on the BUFFET! Are you kidding me? That was weird to say the least. Also if you like barbecue I would not go to Pappa's BBQ. Stick to the mom and pop places. Even if you have to put up with interesting personalities. :)

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