Friday, July 11, 2008

Must learn to control stress

Things are not as bad as they could be. However I feel so overwhelmed with being the only one working, living in a place that is awful, and trying to catch up on bills. Work is stressful because my coworkers are wary of me. I am praying for some direction on where we are supposed to go.

Last week, my friend Meri called me because she was very sick and needed to be taken to the hospital. She proceeded to tell me about her relationship with Nick and how it is going south. Right now she is in a situation where things aren't looking very bright but can be changed. She is scared to learn how to drive, afraid of responsibility, and is depressed. She is my friend and I want wants best for her but these things can't change unless there is effort. I have been praying for her and hoping some how she will move past the slump she is in. Both Nick and Meri have unresolved problems which is affecting them and snuffing out hope of any healthy relationship. I am not saying its impossible to overcome these issues but it will be rocky. The other thing I have a problem with is that Nick ditched Meri during a very crucial point in her life. Sure things happen but there really was no excuse. I pray that they find direction. Honestly I feel like they need to be single and work their problems out. If its meant to be then they will be together again. This situation makes me stressed because I have tried to help so many times and it seems to get overlooked. So I have to step back and let them make their own mistakes.

Ricky still is suffering. He gets abdomen pains every other day and they keep him in bed. His side is inflamed according to the doctor. He has been taking antibiotics. If the medicine does not help the swelling, he may be going in for surgery. I hate seeing him suffer. He feels useless because he is not working. I do not hold that against him or accuse him of slacking anymore because I have seen evidence of this constant pain. Before I felt like he did not want to work and was exaggerating the issue. But seeing him walk like an old man on his bad days and his face contorted with pain is too much. He has so many people lifting him up in prayer. We also had him anointed with oil. However he made a comment last night that he was healthy spiritually. So I know God is working with us. Its no fun waiting but God on our side has made the road less bumpy.

I had to make another payment arrangement with the apartment complex and ask for money again. I tried to go through the charities in Tarrant County but no luck. I make too much money. I know there are people worse off so I wont get too angry. At least someone was willing to help us out. The downside is we will hear snide remarks later on. At this point though we cannot afford to be homeless.

How many times must I go on about the awesomeness of KCBI? Well so many because its a radio station that's become so much more. The people are so sweet. I got the privilege of meeting John McLain, Sharon Geiger, and Terry Barrett of the morning show. I was able to tell them that they were the reason I started listening. You see before I started working nights, I would listen to the morning show on my way to work and would never change it. I enjoyed the music and the inspiration that keeps pouring out. They were as nice as can be. The station's motto is "the music and ministry you can trust" That is certainly the case. I love most of the teachings and the music selection is nice. Plus the fact they pray on air, it is uplifting especially if I do not have a prayer buddy around. Rob Rion has been so kind through out the past month. Today I was so stressed I accidentally dialed the station instead of Ricky. I burst into tears and he calmed me down and said that it will be okay. He proceeded to make me laugh and wish me a better day. The coolest thing though is that Rob continues to get my prayer requests that I send in. Every single time he gets it. There is a reason behind this. God is using Rob in a mighty way. Also Jeff Day has been a sweetheart as well. He did a special dedication for me last night. Jeff is a little more reserved than Rob but he is still quite friendly. I am praying for his wife Lisa because she was diagnosed with skin cancer. He said she was doing well. I pray that will continue to be the case.

Ricky and I are going to see Steven Curtis Chapman next Friday. This will be an uplifting experience for us. We need something positive after all of the stress. The proceeds from the concert will benefit the Mid Cities Pregnancy Center. So we weren't frittering our money away when we bought the tickets. We were able to contribute in the midst of our own problems.

I know things will get better. I feel that when I update in the future it will be good news.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for the continued love You give. We know You are with us even when times are tough. Please continue to be there for Meri during her tough relationship and reveal Yourself to her. I also want to lift up Lisa and Jeff. I pray for healing for Lisa and support for Jeff as he continues to be Your humble servant. We are thankful for his inspiration. I want to pray for Sharon, John, and Terri as they serve You faithfully each day. I lift up Rob as he is lacking sleep. Please show him an opportunity to rest so he can be healthy and serve You. I ask for blessings on Kandy as she is his wife and supporter. Finally I want to thank you for Ricky. He has been the best blessing I could ever have. I pray for healing for him and that he knows he is worthy. Thank you Father for your many blessings and your Son Jesus for it is in His name we pray,


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