Tuesday, August 11, 2009


On Sunday at church we lost our student minister. I have no idea what happened. No one is talking. The event depresses me to no end because he was turning our youth program around and renovated it. We have so many students at church now that are excited about what the Lord has in store for them. He came up with so many ideas and fired up our teenagers. It was an abrupt move so of course it leaves the church congregation to think the worst. Did he do something he wasn't supposed to? Did he fight with the senior pastor? Were there parent complaints no one knew about? Those questions are swirling right now. But there is one question that keeps nagging me. Was he a pawn in an awful scheme? I mention this because the senior pastor introduced his son in law as a student intern just a few months after our student minister was hired. Then just a few days ago our student minister is gone. So then the evil doubts creep into my mind. Did our pastor throw him out for his son in law to get the job? It bothers me even to have these. I feel like the enemy is putting doubts in my head telling me that church is bad and this is what to expect. I have been searching for two days with no success on what really happened. The doubts keep growing and my anger at the pastor is blooming. I want to be able to trust that he prayed about this situation. I have prayed for some type of guidance during this time. I also pray for our students during the transmission process. I am also asking that the Lord reveal to me a sign that the pastor made this decision with prayer and discernment. This is one of the worst things to feel at this time.

Lord I ask your guidance during this time at FBD as we are experiencing change. I pray for your wisdom and for our staff as they find someone to lead our students. In Jesus Name, Amen

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