Monday, August 3, 2009


I got to meet Dr. Russell Moore tonight! It was a great experience! When I walked up to him I introduced myself but he knew who I was before I could get my full name out. It was because he is a facebook friend and saw my comments on his page. I guess he recognized me from my picture as well. He was very kind and shook mine and Ricky's hand. I also got my copy of "Adopted for Life" signed. His message was powerful. He is an ambassador for adoption and encourages people to support it. Read his book and download his messages from If I attempted to give a summary of the sermon I would mangle it beyond repair. You want to hear from him and see how God uses him to further His kingdom.

I mentioned Dr. Moore in my celebrities blog a few weeks back and how I wanted to meet him. After tonight's message I realized to call him a celebrity would be an insult. Dr. Moore is an inspiration to me because he is a servant of Christ and preaches on the theology of adoption and works to get the word out regarding it. His work is more powerful than the stars throwing money around and getting into trouble. Dr. Russell Moore is not a celebrity. He is a man who serves our Savior and loves his family. He is not a rock star. He is not making money by immoral acts. His face is not plastered on posters. No this man is much more to many people. He should be not idolized but respected for what he does for the Kingdom. Many of us out here are thankful for his steadfast service. But above all things he is Gods servant and I am proud to call him a brother in Christ.

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