Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SWBTS is a blessing

Due to limitations at my job I am unable to attend church at this time. I do not have enough time to take off every Sunday and its just not feasible. So I found an alternative way to worship while I pray for Sundays off. I attend Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary's chapel before I go to work. Chapel is held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10:50-12:00. The great thing about this is being able to hear great Christian leaders from all over the country. The faculty rotates turns with visitors for a chance to preach. At least once a week the president of the seminary will have his turn as well. I am glad I was able to go because I was blessed by Dr. Thomas White and his message today. I want to say he read my last entry of my blog because he touched on the topic of being ambassadors for Christ! However I know the Lord had somehow used my blog and Dr. White to point out what we as His servants should be working on. I left the sermon woken up from my spiritual funk. He challenged us to be bold in proclaiming the Lord and not to wimp out. To hear this message go to and click on Chapel and then go to chapel archives. If its not there this evening it should be posted up by tomorrow. This sermon is a must hear and I promise you that it will wake you up and recharge the spiritual batteries. God bless SWBTS for allowing their chapel to be open to the community.

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Maria Karalus-Hass said...

It sure is! I'm glad I bookmarked the chapel site... I'm going to try to hear a sermon a day during the week! I'm glad you are being encouraged by it and that you found a way to get "fed". Love ya!