Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What is going on??

It seems like my friends have lost their minds! The way they are acting, the decisions they make has just boggled my mind! I have noticed a disturbing trend over the past few days that has left me scratching my head. Please keep in mind I am not judging anyone or claiming I am perfect. I am just so confused!

Meri and Nick of course have had problems galore for the past 6 months. Then Meri broke up with Nick about 2 months ago and decided to get on with her life. Within two days of breaking up with him she decides to go back to him. Well just a few days ago she decides that she does not love him any more because she met someone else. It bothers me that there is a trend of guy hopping getting started. Somehow she got the idea that she needs a man to be complete. Prayer are definitely being sent her way.

Sarah is acting way different than usual. She has been very cold and angry. Rob is staying with us while he is getting tested at the VA hospital. He has been here having a great time with Ricky and taking it easy. Sarah does not like it at all. She has been very bitter and mad every time they talk. I am not sure what is going on. She usually is very self assured, confident, and happy. I certainly understand the challenges of losing 2 people you love in one years time. I am just worried that the insecurity is going to cause a rift. I hate seeing Sarah and Rob fight. Its sad and I wish it would not happen. They have things they need to talk about.

So what has gotten into to both of them?? This is just nuts!!! Why are they acting this way? Why the insecurity? It sucks seeing this. I am praying for strength for both of them. This behavior is not normal at all. Ladies, know that God loves you and that His love is unchanging.

Heavenly Father Please be with Sarah and Meri during this time. Show them that You are the light that can lead them. Thank You for Your steadfast love. In Jesus Name

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